Case Studies


AWS step function now adds support for higher throughput workflows

21 May 2018

AWS Step functions make it convenient for the AWS customers to co-ordinate applications with variable loads and high event rates with the new... Read more

Amazon Inspector has now added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Amazon Linux 2018.03

21 May 2018

Amazon Inspector has now extended their security assessments to include Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Amazon Linux 2018.03 for common vulnerabilities and... Read more

AWS Secrets Manager Console is now available in Traditional Chinese and Italian

21 May 2018

Amazon Web Services makes it convenient for the customers to manage their secrets manager from the console by making the AWS Secrets manager... Read more

Guardian is utilising encrypted Elastic Cloud Compute root volumes on Amazon Web Services

19 May 2018

The Guardian a British daily newspaper company adopts Amazon Web Services Cloud for a variety of services behind the website and the content... Read more

AWS introduced Amazon EC2 C5d instances

19 May 2018

Amazon EC2 C5d instances provide C5 instances which are installed with the local NVMe based SSD block-level storage that is physically connected to... Read more


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